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12th Aug 2023

This wedding hangover kit is going viral on TikTok

This is actually genius.

TikTok, the home of viral dance trends and hacks we’ve all been slowly incorporating into our daily lives.

But this idea might just top them all, and it’s definitely something we all need to hop on board with.

One TikTok user opened our eyes to her very own homemade wedding hangover kits to hand out to her guests after her big day.

One bride is set to become the most loved person ever after putting together hangover kits for all of her guests.

The user, @keelybutcher, shows us how she puts them together and said they were for her bridal party ahead of her wedding day.

With everything you could possibly need, she gives her pals plasters, a sachet of coffee, mini toothpaste and floss, tiny face wipes, a little pack of TicTacs, and hair ties and clips.

This is a trend we definitely need to introduce into our lives, and not just for the night after a wedding.

And we’re not the only ones impressed by this idea, her comments were flooded with others wanting in on this and telling the bride how brilliant the idea was.

@keelybutcherMaking up the hangover kits for our wedding ? ##weddingtiktok ##wedding ##hangoverkits ##fypfyp♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

One said: “This is a good idea, my cousin did it and I didn’t even use it I kept it as a keepsake.”

Another said: “Absolutely amazing brilliant fantastic. Looking forward to the wedding.”

A third, however, pointed out there was one thing that was missing, saying: “Ya need to include a Chinese takeaway too.”