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24th Aug 2015

WATCH: Your Stomach Will Churn Watching This Man Popping His Own Tooth Infection

This is all kinds of horrifying.


We’ve watched countless videos of pimples, and cysts being burst.

Yes, they were disgusting, but also the kind of viewing we couldn’t tear ourselves away from.

Then Jeremie Ramey had a tooth infection that was so bad, he decided the only way to approach it was to pop the growing cyst infection himself.

Explaining his actions on his YouTube video, Jeremie explained:

‘This is a abscess on my lower jaw. And some how made its way through my cheek!! I when to the ER. and got some meds for infection and pain. Well the pain pills went quick. Then the meds for infection was gone in bout 2 weeks. Not even two days later the infection that was all most gone come right back this time worst. So I did what I had to do.’

Using a blade he cuts into the bulge on his jawbone… and well we wouldn’t advise you view the rest of the video unless you have a REALLY strong stomach.


Video: Jeremie Ramey