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07th Jan 2016

WATCH: 82-Year-Old Playing Knick Knack And Legging It Is Our New Hero

The schpeed of her!

There is no adrenaline rush greater than a good old fashioned Knick-Knack. 

And this knick-knacking granny knows where it’s at when it comes to getting her kicks.

In the hilarious clip sent into our JOE bros, the rascal can be seen knocking at a neighbour’s door and then performing a high-speed shuffle around the corner.

Tension was high when granny took a quick break after five strides and we thought she was about to be caught, but thankfully she got a second wind and made it around the corner out of view.

An absolute ninja in a headscarf.

Video via YouTube/MarkSmyth

Thanks to Eoghan Shortt for sending this into our JOE bros – if you have something you think our readers would love, hit us up at [email protected] or find us on Facebook or Twitter.