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02nd Apr 2015

VIDEO: Woman Revenge Pranks Her Boyfriend in a Cruel and Unusual Way

We all know what this feels like, but it's hard not to feel sorry for him!

Let’s just say it from the start – if these two are still together there is a level of trust or depravity in this relationship that most of us will never understand, depending on how you look at it. 

This woman suffered at the hands of a hideous prank from her boyfriend, who convinced her that her beloved dog had died. (Note: THIS IS NOT FUNNY, BOYFRIENDS)

But instead of licking her wounds, this creative soul had revenge on the brain.

Convincing her naked boyfriend she had one more surprise in store for his birthday, she lured her blind-folded beau onto a chair lined with wax strips and waited for the magic to happen.

You can see the exact moment she thinks this might have gotten out of hand…

And by the way, here’s the prank that led to her revenge.