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04th Nov 2013

VIDEO: “What Does My Girl Say?” SNL’s Remake Of ‘The Fox’ Is The Best Parody Yet

No one can do skits quite like the crew on Saturday Night Live. Over the weekend actress Kerry Washington was involved in the show’s long over-due parody of the viral hit ‘The Fox’ by Ylvis.

The video begins with the star and boyfriend watching the original video, when the text message tone sounds on his mobile and she instantly begins questioning him. As it turns out her fella, played by Jay Pharaoh, has been cheating on her.
We’ll not spoil it for you but… “Who dat, who dat, who dat bitch?”

The entire video is extremely clever, with SNL’s Kate McKinnon also makes a hilarious cameo appearance. And of course, someone has made these fantastic GIFs that capture the best moments of the parody.

What does my girl say?

Kerry Washington GIF


Kerry Washington GIF


Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live GIF