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03rd Nov 2021

Kim Kardashian “likes” Pete Davidson, apparently

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We need a nap after this one.

So, eh, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson might be a thing and we don’t know what to think anymore.

Ever since Kim hosted Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, rumours have been spiralling that she and comedian Pete have been getting a lot cosier than we first thought.

A source told Page Six that Kim, who was spotted holding hands with Pete at Knott’s Scary Farm last weekend, is “intrigued” by him.

They said: “She is intrigued. She likes him.”

An insider also told People that they are only friends, saying: “They hang in the same circles so they will be together from time to time. It’s just friends hanging out.”

While a person at the scary farm told Us Weekly: “Kim and Pete seemed like good friends…Kim seemed very chill. It did seem like she was trying to hide.”

And as you’d imagine, the internet can’t quite handle this information. Pete and Ariana Grande? Fine. Pete and Kate Beckinsale? No bother. But Pete and Kim K? Nope.

One fan wrote on Twitter alongside the meme of Paul Rudd’s who would’ve thought: “All of us seeing pete davidson with kim Kardashian.”

Another said: “kris jenner after seeing the pictures of kim kardashian and pete davidson knowing damn well she sent it to people magazine.”

Another joked that this was Pete’s revenge on Kanye, with the comic having a famous joke that the rapper brought him out for dinner and ended up leaving him with a massive bill at the end.

While the pair may or may not be together, there have also been rumours flying around that Kim is looking to get back with Kanye, but is still going through with the divorce, so yeah.

A source told People that she wasn’t in a good place when filing for divorce but the two are much better now and are still good friends. This is too much to take in.