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11th Nov 2023

‘Am I wrong for not inviting my stepsister to my wedding’

Stepsister wedding

You can’t invite everyone in the world to your wedding.

So, what if you decided to cut a few people off the guest list? Maybe a few friends you lost touch with, a distant cousin or two? Or how about your stepsister?

That’s what one Reddit user did and she’s wondering if her reasoning was good enough, especially since her half-sibling is making a fuss now.

Explaining how wedding planning started she wrote: “We decided to have a small, intimate ceremony with close friends and family. Among the potential guests was my stepsister, Emily (28F).

“We don’t have a great relationship, but I didn’t want to create unnecessary drama, so I intended to invite her and her husband.

'Am I wrong for standing up to my sister-in-law at my wedding?'
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“The issue began when I shared our wedding date with the family. Emily immediately reacted negatively, saying our wedding was too close to her planned baby shower, which was scheduled for the following month.

“She accused me of ‘stealing her thunder’ by having my wedding so close to her event.

Though shocked, the Redditor tried to explain calmly that the two wouldn’t interfere with each other but things just escalated.

“The tension escalated when Emily called a family meeting to discuss my ‘selfishness’ in planning my wedding near her baby shower.

'Am I wrong for making my wedding child-free?'
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“During the meeting, she accused me of being inconsiderate and trying to overshadow her life events. The rest of our family members seemed torn, with some taking her side and others understanding my perspective.”

In the end, the woman decided it was best to uninvite Emily to her big day resulting in divided opinions within her family so turned to her fellow Redditors to try and figure things out.

It seemed that most of them were on her side with one writing: “Stealing her thunder how? She’s having a baby shower with her friends and family – how much overlap (of guests) could there be? And a wedding and celebrating the pregnancy and upcoming birth are two totally different events.”

Stepsister wedding
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Another agreed penning: “It’s not a competition; both a wedding and baby shower are celebrating life milestones with loved ones.”

While third wrote: “She’s trying to ruin your wedding before it even happened, you can’t trust her at the event itself.”