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17th Nov 2021

Tiny baby born at 2lb 6oz hailed a “little fighter” as he survives against all odds

Ellen Fitzpatrick


A couple has defied the odds after their 12 week premature baby is about to turn seven months old.

Their little baby is turning seven months next week, joining an exclusive club of “little fighters” after the odds were not looking good for the baby when he was born at 28 weeks.

Weighing only 2lbs 7oz, which is about the same weight as a large bag of sugar, Oscar has grown into a healthy and happy baby boy.

His mother, Louise Rewse, 30, had a fairly standard pregnancy until the week before her baby eventually arrived when she began getting a pounding headache.

After going for a scan and being given the all-clear, she headed home but only a matter of days later, she began bleeding and was taken into surgery.

Oscar was then born by emergency C-section at 9pm on April 30th.

Her husband Edward, 29, revealed he also wasn’t feeling well that day and “ironically” and had come home early from work.

Speaking to mark World Prematurity Day, Edward told “About 10 minutes later, Lou called me and said she’d just started bleeding and everything spiralled from there.”

Scans later showed that Oscar was in distress and his “heartbeat wasn’t very strong and he was sluggish.”

This was when Louise was brought in for a C-section, but once the new parents welcomed him into the world, he immediately needed to be resuscitated and given special care.

Brought to a separate hospital, where his dad happens to work, Louise was still in recovery while Edward went with their newborn.

“He is our first child and nothing could have been more normal up until this point, so it was a massive shock for us,” he added.

Oscar was kept in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for seven weeks where he was given oxygen, fed through a tube, and at one point treated for a bleed on his brain.

He finally came home at the beginning of August, despite being told multiple times when he was first born to prepare for the worst.

Pulling through, Oscar was a real fighter since the beginning and is now turning seven months old, but will have sustained some unavoidable brain damage.

While he isn’t showing any signs of any issues yet, the new family have said they will work on these things as they come up.