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08th Jun 2016

This woman cosplaying as a character from Looney Tunes gives us hope for our futures


Rebecca Keane

The biggest fear in life is getting old and boring.

Many of us know the dangers of growing dull and senile from seeing friends and relatives get older as the years go by.

One woman has shown that you can have a cheeky sense of humour and enjoy yourself at any age.

Imgur user AgentKGB uploaded an amazing picture of an old woman dressed as her favourite Looney Tunes character, and the effort she goes to to replicate the original look has to be admired.

The picture shows the woman smiling at the camera, dressed as Emma Webster, or as we know her, Granny from the Sylvester the Cat and Tweety sketches. YES.
cosplayShe even has the Tweety and Sylvester teddies to accessorise her costume!

Now THAT’S dedication.

Bear in mind ladies, you’re only ever as old as you feel.

Lead image via Imgur