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03rd Oct 2016

This seemingly easy maths equation is seriously messing with people’s heads


Rebecca Keane

Ready to have your brain stretched?

Nearly every week, we’re surprised with a an illusion or riddle that stresses us out to the absolute MAX.

We had this optical illusion before, where many people struggled to see all 12 dots because of receptors in their eyes.

Another hilarious optical illusion was of Zoolander but many people claimed to see a woman’s face when squinting.


The latest thing leaving people exasperated is an equation of the mathematical kind, where you must solve a sum by only changing one stick.

In the picture ‘6+4=4’ is spelled out with coloured matchsticks, where the challenge is to fix the equation by moving one stick and one stick only.

People all over the globe have been weighing in with their suggestions to solve the equation while moving just ONE stick.

Unfortunately, maths was never my forte so I have yet to figure it out. Can you find the answer?