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03rd Jun 2015

This Is One Reason To Go For A Run Later…


Cathy Donohue

Although it might be the last thing you feel like after a long day at work, there’s a lot to be said for getting out for a run.

Running has a LOT of health benefits (reduces blood pressure, relieves stress and lessens the risk of cardiovascular disease) but according to new research, it can increase your libido too.

In a recent study conducted by Brooks Running and Wakefield Research, 1,000 runners were asked about their running habits.


41 per cent of those surveyed said that after a run, they had sexytime in mind and considering that running gets the blood flowing and improves stamina, the facts back up this survey.

Nearly half of the runners who participated in the survey said they prefer running outdoors while dream running routes included The Grand Canyon, Germany’s Romantic Road and the Great Wall of China.

If you needed an incentive to go for a run, this might just be it.