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23rd Oct 2016

This Irish comedian had the best reaction to someone littering

She taught him a lesson!

Rebecca Keane

Litter is NOT OKAY.

In the long list of things we don’t get about people, feeling the need to litter is pretty high up there.

When there are countless bins in public spaces, or when you might just hold onto your bit of rubbish a little longer, the needless act is just annoying.

Earlier this year, it seemed Long Lane in Dublin 8 was falling victim to the laziest, meanest person who felt no guilt at destroying the local community. The posting of a seriously passive-aggressive note won people’s hearts everywhere.


Another account of littering was witnessed in Dublin by Alison Spittle and she dealt with it accordingly.

Alison was in Bunsen on Wexford Street, with her bicycle in view as she was sitting in the restaurant and was horrified upon seeing a man walk past, acting macho with his mate as he threw a coffee cup into her bicycle basket.

Little did the man know that Alison watched him carry out his douchey feat so he got quite a surprise a few minutes later. Alison tweeted

“Saw a guy put his coffee cup in to my basket and laugh to his mate. He walked into Bunsen. I went out picked it up & put in on his table.”

When asked how the littering man reacted, Alison said “he was comically sheepish”. As you would be I imagine!

Alison, you’re a hero!

Lead image via Headstuff