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20th Jul 2015

This Husband’s Big Secret Was Busted By Google Street View

Nowhere is safe.

You’d get away with nothing these days. 

Donny Riding from Wirral in North West England is all too familiar with this fact as he was caught rapid having a sneaky cigarette by a Google Streetview camera.

Donny streetview

Donny caught in the act (image via Google Streetview). 

Donny had been warned by doctors to quit smoking and look after his health following a heart attack.

However, according to the Limerick Echo, he ignored the warning and continued to smoke in secret, unbeknownst to his wife, Julie.

judging you

Julie explained to the paper that on the day in question, the pair had had an argument that started when she found a packet of hobnobs in the car.

Donny “stormed out” and lit up a secret cigarette – or so he thought.

Julie said: “Later that day we’d heard that the street view camera was driving around.

“When I checked it online I couldn’t believe it – there was no denying it now we’d seen it.”


Although the image has now been updated, you can still view it thanks to a feature which allows you to see old photos.

Meaning Donny can never forget his sordid past, as we’re sure his wife won’t either.