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22nd Oct 2015

These Are The 25 Best Jobs For A Work-Life Balance

Did your job make the list?


We all know the motto to work hard and play harder, but with some jobs (and their mounting hours), achieving a balance can be a struggle.

Whether it’s having a few hours to read a book, go for a jog or join a sports team, the benefits of balancing your professional and personal life have been proven to create a more motivated, satisfied workplace.

Now one recruitment website has produced a report based on employee feedback and satisfaction of the best 25 work environments to hit that balance – asking respondents to rank their experiences on a scale of 1-5.

To be considered for the list, the job must have been rated more than 75 times, by US-based employees, from a minimum of 75 different firms.

Not sure if you’re in the job with the best work/life balance fit?

Here are the top 25 positions with equal pay off for your hard work: (click to enlarge)

worklife balance

H/T: i100