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14th Apr 2016

There’s a brand new Twister and it looks pretty damn tasty

Nothing says an Irish summer quite like goosebumps on the beach, sandy ham sandwiches and a Twister in hand.

Obviously, the world has changed a lot since we were young ones on Brittas Bay, wrapped in rainbow towels, but one thing that has remained consistent is our love for the HB classic.

However, it has come to our attention that HB has launched a brand new Twister, no doubt, to keep up with the times.

The new 2016 Twister is GLUTEN FREE and low fat – which hey, let’s be honest, is far more suitable for our aging bodies and decreasing metabolism.

The new blackcurrant Twister is made with ripe, juicy blackcurrants then twisted with Strawberry fruit ice and creamy vanilla ice cream. Sounds delicious.


It’s part of a whole new range by HB which also includes a Feast snack bar, a Cola Calippo a red berry Solero, and a mint Cornetto.

CALIPPO_COLA Feast-Bar-no-glow