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19th Sep 2015

The Top 5 Most Important Things For Women When It Comes To Having Good Sex Have Been Revealed

Do you agree with these?


Do you agree with these?

Fertility app Kindara have conducted brand new research to find out what the most important things for women are when it comes to fun time under the covers.

According to the study, there are a number of factors that women find important for sex to become ‘good’ sex.

close up of heterosexual couple having sex

Women reported that their most satisfying sexual encounters were when there was an emotional connection (53.2 per cent), foreplay (23.6 per cent) and communication (10.4 per cent).

Other important factors included frequent sexual activity (7 per cent) and novelty and/or variation (four per cent).


Interestingly, the survey also found that over 50 per cent of women want more sex in their lives with a further 72.6 per cent revealing that they orgasm at least once per sexual encounter.