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10th Jul 2017

The scary sign that it might be time to leave your current position

It can happen without you even realising.

Cathy Donohue

Ever noticed this?

Leaving your current position and making the move to a new job can be a difficult decision and people often question whether they’re doing the right thing.

Is the grass actually greener? Do you have a fear of the unknown that stops you from seeking a new position? When is the best time to move on?

According to Human Resources expert Toni Thompson, who’s worked in the field for over a decade and currently holds the Head of Talent and HR at The Muse, there’s one glaring reason that it’s time to move on.

It requires being honest with yourself because if your performance and productivity at work are declining, then it’s probably time to go on the job hunt.

Maybe it hasn’t been noticed by your superiors or flagged by fellow colleagues, but you know yourself if you aren’t as enthusiastic about work as you used to be.

your current position

Toni visited the Business Insider offices for a Facebook Live interview and explained the number one sign to look out for.

“You start doing bad work because you are so angry about your situation or frustrated.”

Toni explains her reasons for coming to the above conclusion saying that if you were “fully capable and in the right role” but now you’re frustrated and “a bad teammate”, then consider your options.

As this particular professional puts it:

“At that point, it’s probably best to just move on without a job so that they actually have a good memory of you”.

We can see her point but at the same time, every individual is different and what makes one person happy won’t necessarily work for someone else.

What do you think? Would you agree with her advice or do you think there’s potential to get over the blips that can occur in the workplace?