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04th Mar 2019

The Louis Theroux documentary on sexual assault will air tonight

Olivia Hayes

Definitely tune in.

Louis Theroux is one of our favourite investigative journalists/presenters and we will, without fail, watch all of his documentaries.

They’re extremely fascinating and dive deep into worlds that not many of us know much about.

However, one thing we definitely – and unfortunately – do know about is sexual assault and consent.

Louis’ much anticipated documentary on sexual assault in US campuses will air tonight, and it’s definitely one to tune into.

The Night in Question will see Louis meet a neuroscience major called Saif Khan, who has been accused of raping a fellow student. Saif’s university is investigating the claims separately, even though he has been found not guilty in a court of law.

He will also meet young women whose sexual assault claims have, so far, fallen on deaf ears. These women also believe that a new approach to dealing with allegations of sexual abuse is long overdue.

University officials and other relevant authorities will also feature and speak about their experiences with sexual assault on college campuses.

The Night in Question will air at 9pm on BBC2, and you can watch the trailer below: