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16th Nov 2016

The completely random question you won’t think to ask on a first date

It can reveal a lot.

You might get some interesting answers!

First dates are majorly nerve-wracking: you want to ask the right questions, you don’t want to seem pushy by asking too many questions and before you know it, you’re tongue tied before you’ve even managed to get a question out.

Fun times.

It’s important to remember you’re not alone in feeling like this as relationship experts acknowledge just how tough first dates can be.

Rhonda’s Milrad, founder of relationship advice service Relationup, spoke to Bustle about how common it is to experience nerves before you meet a potential romantic match:

“For the most part, first dates are incredibly pressured, self-conscious experiences where you are often preoccupied through the whole experience about how you are coming across to the other person”.

As Rhonda explains, it’s difficult to get to know someone because you’re often “focused on your date’s reaction to you”.

Anyway, if you have a first date on the horizon, there’s no harm in arming yourself with some expert tips so you have a back-up plan if you can’t think of anything to say.

new girl first date

Although you might not get to know everything about someone on a first date, you will find out if there’s any chemistry between you.

So, back to the questions and while we can all think of the usual conversation starters (family, work, hobbies etc.), there are some other topics to keep in mind.

Bear in mind, the below question has the major cheese factor so you might find it difficult to keep a straight face but hey, at least that will break the ice.

“What superpower would you like to have?”

Initially, I was like ‘not a notion’ but as therapist Crystal Rice says, this question can actually tell you a lot.

“Do they really give the question the time of day and think through an answer? Is their answer focused on helping others? Is their power selfish in nature? Are they creative with their response, or do they go for the ‘normal’ stuff and then move on?”