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23rd May 2016

The Galway Women’s football team are giving up their smartphones for a WHOLE MONTH

And it's for a brilliant cause

Ellen Tannam

We don’t know if we could do this!

Personally, my smartphone is something of an extension of my arm, so the prospect of it being taken away from me for any length of time is just terrifying.

Well imagine not having your phone for an entire month.

That’s exactly what the entire Galway Ladies football team are doing for the month of June to raise awareness about the negative effects of social media and raising €10,000 for Pieta House West.

(via Jerome Quinn)

Captain Edel Concannon persuaded her teammates to avoid social media for the entirety of June, and we can imagine this will be tough.

The phones will be replaced with Nokia style phones, with only the option of texting or calling available. We’re sweating in fear thinking about it.

Concannon said:

“I can’t deal with my mother asking me to leave my phone down again to talk to her, but a lot of our parents are delighted we’re doing this. I think they’re looking forward to getting to know us again!”

She also commented on the artificiality of social media:

“I think there’s is a link between overuse of social media and depression. There’s been times when I’ve felt down coming off social media myself when I see all the amazing holidays and nights out people are having. It paints an artificial picture of people’s lives, one that we find ourselves comparing our own lives to’.”

Fair play to them!

You can donate to them here.