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14th Oct 2017

Suzanne Jackson has responded to THOSE photoshop claims

Suzanne Jackson has responded

That’s that then.

A couple of days ago, Facebook account The Chicken Fillet Roll Review shared pictures from blogger Suzanne Jackson’s Instagram account, suggesting that there may have been some doctoring.

There were multiple seagulls in the background of one photo, which appeared to be taken from an Aer Lingus plane on an airport runway and said Facebook account pointed out that this isn’t normal procedure.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the Facebook post went viral and it was also shared on Twitter with most people wondering what was going on in the snap.

Anyway, Suzanne has since responded to the queries and cleared up the confusion.

Chatting to the Irish Mirror she explained how the photos were edited:

“I saw the post, I thought it was very funny. There was a picture with these little birds in it.

“I just laughed and thought this is absolutely gas, they picked up on something so creative.

“Bloggers do edit their photographs, there is an app called Skyapp and bloggers have used it.”

Suzanne, who recently married long-term partner Dylan O’Connor, said that she used the app twice and then decided it wasn’t for her.

The businesswoman, who has enjoyed massive success with her beauty ranges, also defended said apps and said that there is “no shame” in enhancing a photo.

Main image via Instagram: Suzanne Jackson</stro