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20th Dec 2014

Roses Vs Quality Street Debate Spawns Brilliant Tinder Reply From Irish Lad

"Nah love, I'll leave it off".


We can imagine that he’s delighted with himself after this response. 

Earlier in the week we discovered that Tinder had 150,000 active users in Ireland and a lousy 1 per cent of those users end up actually finding a match.

Yes, just one out of 100 people have swipes that are likely to turn into something more than just idle chit-chat.

For the majority, matches sadly do not blossom into loving relationships and that was certainly the case for this next hopeless romantic.

Our brothers over at were contacted by a reader who had gotten slightly ahead of himself and believed he had ‘hit the jackpot’ after matching with a lovely Tinder user called Carmen who made the first move and dropped him a message.

Carmen offered him a ‘GFE’, which according to JOE stands for ‘girlfriend experience’, (we were thinking more along the lines of ‘good food and entertainment’), in exchange for 125 Roses per hour.

A tempting offer to this love-hungry male, however he decided to decline with the age-old debate…



It was better they established this now instead of later down the line…

Hat-tip to our lovely brothers over at for this one.