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03rd Nov 2015

Rejoice! Amazing News For Our Poor Sad Shelter Dog

She is literally smiling, and we're crying all over again.

A happy ending for Lana the rescue dog.

Earlier in the week, we met Lana, a heartbroken dog who captured the world’s heart after she was returned to an animal rescue centre by her adoptive family.


A photo, which subsequently went viral, showed the poor pup looking broken-spirited, and it was reported that she was terrified of everything and wouldn’t eat.

She was even too sad to go for a walk.

However, in very very happy news – following the release of the photo and an urgent appeal for foster parents, the Mighty Mutts shelter were successful in finding a happy home for Lana.

And now, she looks like this.


“We are so proud of our munchkin for doing so well in the spotlight,” Dahlia Ayoub wrote on the Mighty Mutts Facebook page. From now on, she said, Lana will be in a safe, home environment, and out of the kennel.

Lana 1