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02nd Oct 2017

A rabbit has been spotted taking public transport alone and it’s too much


Ah, stop.

There’s plenty of people you run into on the evening commute.

The lad who holds the entire bus up because he can’t find any change.

The woman who sprawls herself across two seats on the already packed DART and refuses to move for anyone.

But there’s one thing that we’ve never come across on the bus or train home… and that’s an adorable rabbit sitting across from us on his own.

And why would we – buns don’t take the bus.

Except, apparently they do. In London, anyway.

They also take the Overground.

And buses through Manchester too.

Alright, that last one is clearly not the same rabbit.

But it’s still some adorable white rabbits taking some public transport.

The commute doesn’t get better than that, really.

Clearly concerned for the rabbit’s safety, Twitter user Matt decided to track down the bun’s owner.

And the story behind the travelling bun is not disappointing.

We just hope he got home safely.