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31st Jul 2014

PICTURES: Can Anyone Explain This Spooky Snap of a Little Irish Girl and Her Mum?

This is a little creepy...

Rebecca McKnight

We’ll just put it out there; even to our sceptical minds, this looks a little weird. reader Maria McCarthy sent us in these snaps, taken of her friend Clair and Clair’s daughter Elsie while they were having a family day out in Mahon Falls, Co. Waterford last weekend.

In two pictures, taken by Clair’s pal Rita, something seems a little off. Maria writes:

“In one of the pictures, Elsie’s face is completely foggy. In another, when you zoom in its like there’s a baby behind her.

“I can 100% guarantee these pics have not been altered in anyway, we were in complete shock when we saw them after they came home.”

Maria adds: “We would love if someone could shed some light as we don’t really know anyone who knows about this stuff!”

So, can anyone explain these pictures? Drop us a line to [email protected] or leave a comment.