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06th Feb 2016

PIC: People Cannot Decide Which Woman In This Picture Is The Mother Of The Other Two

We guessed wrong!

Megan Cassidy

We need to know what skin cream this woman is using.

The problem is, we’re not even sure which woman to ask.

The latest photo to confuse and upset the internet, features three beautiful lookalike women sitting in a car.

The problem is that one of the women is the mother of the other two, but no one can figure out which.

The confusion started when Kaylan Mohomes, from Indianapolis, shared the image on Twitter saying it showed her alongside her twin sister and her mum.

The tweet has been retweeted more than 30,000 times and caused so much buzz that Kayla even set up a dedicated Instagram account to show it’s not just the angle in that one picture.

When your mom thinks it’s a #whosthemom ??

A video posted by #momtwin&me ? (@momtwinandme) on

As it turns out, the woman on the far left of the picture is Mama bear!

Nice genes.