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12th Apr 2016

PIC: Irish Mammy Compares Michaella McCollum To A VERY Unlikely Person

Is this the ultimate Mam text?

Megan Cassidy

It seems everyone has an opinion on Michaella McCollum.

Following the Tyrone native’s premature release from Peruvian prison, the 23-year-old has been a topic of hot debate.

However this Irish Mammy has thrown a curve ball into the mix, comparing Michaella’s infamous “drug bun” to a very unlikely person… Saint Therese.

Pic M

A Her Reader who wishes to remain anonymous (wise move) sent this our way, telling us that her Mam comes out with gems like this all the time, despite insisting she’s “not a typical Irish Mammy.”

Yeah, yeah, Mammy. Tell it to the judge.