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27th Aug 2019

People who are born in this month are smarter than others (science says so)

According to science, anyways.

Keeley Ryan

Just one in five adults managed to pass this primary school test

Virgos for the win.

A study found that the older you are at the start of the school year, the more likely you are to excel throughout your education (and, basically, the rest of your life.)

So if you were born in September, you could be in luck.

The research, published in the National Bureau of Economic Researchlooked at the cognitive development of 1.2 million public school students in Florida, between the ages of six and 15, with birthdays throughout the year.

They found that the students who were born in September had a higher yearly score average at school than those who were born in other months, as they were the eldest.

Meanwhile, those who were born in August appeared to perform the worst.

And researchers noted the scores could possibly build over time which would, in turn, increase September-born students’ chances of getting into a good college.

The study, called School Starting Age and Cognitive Development, also looked at a number of other socioeconomic  factors that could influence how well a child does in school, including their parent’s education, ethnicity and affluence.

But researchers also noted that children who were underperforming due to circumstances were able to catch up before formal testing at a later age.