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19th Apr 2024

Brown coined as trendsetting colour of 2024 in interior design

Sophie Collins

Brown interiors

The colour brown is taking centre stage in 2024 as the statement interiors colour

According to the colour experts at Irish paint brand Colourtrend, brown brings a subtle but impactful depth to spaces, giving off a sense of cosiness and tranquillity – unlike the boldness of recently popular greens or blues.

Brown effortlessly transforms rooms into inviting sanctuaries. From rich chocolate tones to warm caramel hues and soft sandy shades, there’s a brown palette to suit every taste and style.

When paired with earthy tones like beige, tan, or cream, it creates a harmonious and balanced aesthetic, according to the experts.

Brown interiors

The latest Colour Edit from Colourtrend offers a curated selection of hues to embrace this trend:

1. Bitter Chocolate: This deep, intense shade adds drama and allure, whether used as an accent or focal point. It commands attention and elevates ambiance to new heights of indulgence.

Bitter chocolate brown

2. Old Bone: Exuding timelessness, this soft contemporary hue blends tradition with modernity. Its neutral tones provide a versatile backdrop for various décor styles, adding subtle sophistication to any space.

Old Bone

3. Spinifex: Inspired by warm desert landscapes, Spinifex brings earthiness and vitality. Its warm khaki tones create a harmonious palette when paired with darker browns, greens, and blues, infusing warmth and serenity into the home.


4. Pine Marten: With character and depth, Pine Marten defies expectations as a statement neutral. Its warm undertones create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for creating a sanctuary.

Pine Marten

5. Travelling Chest: Offering timeless elegance, this hue works harmoniously with darker neutral whites, creating a luxurious ambiance that is both intriguing and sophisticated.

Travelling Chest Brown

Incorporating these captivating hues into an interior colour scheme not only creates an inviting home but also makes a bold statement. 

Prices for all shades in the edit start at €35 for 1L, making it accessible to homeowners looking to refresh their spaces.

For those seeking expert guidance, Colourtrend offers consultation services with colour experts, accessible through their website at