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21st Feb 2018

Why do people think the moon’s going to turn green this April?

Jade Hayden

green moon

Ah, lads.

During its time way up there in space, the moon has done a lot of different things.

It’s been walked on by man. It’s been explored thoroughly. It’s been the subject of many, many hoaxes, most of which involved Stanley Kubrick in one shape or another.

The latest hoax the moon has unfortunately been involved in is the one that says it’s going to turn green this April.

Except it’s not.

It’s really not.

The hoax first reared it’s #fakenews head a few weeks back when people began sharing memes on Facebook and other social media sites where people are inclined to believe things that aren’t true.

The meme declared that:

“On 20 April 2018, a Green Moon will appear in the sky, a rare event that only occurs every 420 years.”

We can see where this is going, to be fair.

4/20, or April 4, tends to be associated with weed and on this day, many people around the world celebrate smoking weed while calling for cannabis to be legalised.

The date has also become somewhat (a lot of) a joke among other people who think they’re absolute mad yokes because they smoked a joint one time in 2014.

So, from the above, we can understand where the green moon hoax came from.

Now, you may assume that everybody is in on this #blazeit themed joke, but having spent a lot of time on social media scrolling through the profiles of people from our dark, dark pasts, we can confirm that they are not.

Lots of people are simply sitting around waiting for 4/20 to happen so they can gaze up at the green moon and probably get a Boomerang of it while they’re at it.

Arguably, lots of things will be happening this 4/20… but it won’t be the moon turning green.