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26th Feb 2018

People are not impressed with the new Samsung Galaxy

Orlaith Condon

What do you make of the new phone?

There are two types of people in this world – iPhone people and Samsung people. Yes, most tend to fall into one of the two categories, however, it looks like some might be changing teams thanks to the latest release from Samsung.

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have finally be revealed online and the reaction has been less than positive.

The company unveiled the new phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and boasted a wide colour range.

It was the coral blue and lilac purple that had people talking and it caused more anger than you might expect.

Yes, the topic quickly began trending on Twitter and it was mostly negative reviews of the colourful choices.

The newest version in the Galaxy range has obviously kept the classic black and grey models but has added some colourful alternatives.

The phone’s spec was the last thing on people’s minds when Samsung revealed the upgrade, however, people were quick to offer a solution to the unhappiness about the new colours.