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18th Apr 2016

People have created a shrine to a packet of crushed biscuits in a UK town

RIP biscuits

When Warwick PhD student Hugh Osborn discovered a packet of the nation’s favourite biscuits lying ~dead~ in the middle of the street, he knew something had to be done.

Hugh wanted to honour the loss of the precious snack, but he was late for a meeting, so he took a photo instead to express his outrage and uploaded it to Twitter.

Shortly afterwards, when returning to the ‘scene of the crumb’, he found that a mysterious shrine has been erected to commemorate the passing of the digestives.

Hugh told the Indy100:

“The biscuits appeared on our street in North Leamington on Tuesday night. I first saw them at around 10pm and felt the twinge of sympathy natural for such a terrible scene.”

Next came the official memorial photograph…

Hours later and #LeamingtonDigestives was trending of Twitter…

Soon the horrid scene attracted bystanders who wanted to pay their respects.

It didn’t take long for the biscuit murderer to reveal herself…

But, obviously, some people were a little confused by the funeral.

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