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27th Jan 2019

This is the one traditional thing you probably won’t be allowed use at your wedding venue

Laura Holland

This is the one traditional thing you probably won't be allowed use at your wedding venue

You may think you’re all set for your wedding day but there is probably one thing that you’ve already bought that you won’t be allowed to us – confetti.

Don’t worry, it’s not all types of confetti but it’s the most popular and cost efficient ones that are banned in most places – the fake variety.

Paper confetti is very cheap and lots of places sell it. But, a lot of churches and venues are now stopping newlyweds from handing out fake confetti to their wedding party to be thrown as they leave. The reason being that it destroys the surrounding area and is dangerous for wildlife.

A lot of the time brides and grooms don’t find out until close to the wedding which leaves a lot of last minute stress a few days before your wedding day, or worse again, on the morning of your wedding.

But all is not lost – you can get real petals, which last a long time, so you can order them in advance. They cost a bit more but will be worth it. There are a few places online where you can buy them, like Etsy, but there is also an Irish company, whose sole trade is in freeze-dried biodegradable rose petals.

The owner of the company, Dawn Mayne, set it up in 2014 when she found it hard to source petals for her own wedding.

According to, “Freeze-drying is an innovative method of drying and preserving real flowers. Even when the moisture is removed during freeze-drying the petals retain their colour, shape and size. The result is petals that look and feel almost like fresh petals.”

Even better news is that these petals don’t stain and are non-slippy, under normal conditions. You can also keep some as a keep sake from the wedding day as they can last for ages.

They advise that you order them a month before your wedding so they are at their freshest and arrive in time but they can deliver petals across Ireland as quickly as 1-2 working days.