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20th Jul 2015

One Irish Lad Is Looking For A Date To Ed Sheeran’s Gig In Croker This Weekend

Form an orderly queue ladies...

Form an orderly queue ladies…

The countdown is officially on to Ed Sheeran’s gigs at Croke Park this coming weekend, and if you didn’t manage to get yourself a ticket, fear not, as there could be another way for you to get there.

One Irish lad is looking for a date to the gig this weekend, and has posted a request on Facebook looking for all you single ladies to give him a dig out.

Ed Sheeran Performs At Media City Amphitheatre In Dubai
Ed will play two gigs at Croker this weekend.

“I am currently in search of female companions to go to Ed Sheeran with me this coming Saturday,” he wrote.

“Successful candidates should have the following traits: a can do attitude, self belief, computer skills (can text back),” the post continues.

“I David Dunne at David Dunne Ltd require females who will dance and possibly romance for this coming Saturday… Please pm your CVs.”

facebook post
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Hmm… We’re still not sure if he’s genuine or if his friends got a hold of his Facebook account but either way, it sounds like love may well be in the air at Croker this weekend.

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