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14th Mar 2024

There are mental benefits to have a work wife, research finds

Kat O'Connor

Your work wife is making your life a little better

We spend a lot of our time at work so it’s only natural to form friendships with your co-workers, much like Leslie and Ann in Parks and Recreation. You quickly find your work wife after spending days in the office and they do make your job that little bit brighter.

Your friendship develops over coffee runs, chats at the desk about what you’re watching on Netflix, and working together five days a week.

They become your cheerleader and go-to person when you’re having a bad day and the one person who will always go for after-work pints.

A new study by OnePoll discovered that having a work wife has a positive impact on your mental well-being.

Not only do they support you on the bad days, but they also give you a sense of belonging.

Integrative psychotherapist Alison Goolnik told Yahoo:

“You are accepted for who you are within the team and this can be very motivating and in turn can have a knock-on impact on wellbeing

“Working together every day, sharing goals, deadlines, and work stresses will naturally lead to friendships developing, particularly with close teams,” she adds.

Having a close friend in work also offers the person a ‘safe space’ if they’re ever feeling stressed or worried.

“Talking to colleagues can feel a safe space to offload, a space away from home or other worries and as the sharing deepens, the closer the bonds at work become.

“Connecting with others makes you feel good, it is validating and so having a close colleague – a ‘work wife/husband’ – at work can make work more fun and enjoyable,” she added.

Your work wife is one of the brighter parts of the work day and someone you’ll likely remain friends with long after you’ve left your job.