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29th Jun 2016

Nigel Farage made an eejit of himself in the European Parliament yesterday

This picture says it all.

What does be going on in Nigel Farage’s head at all?

His speeches actually beggar belief and what he said in the European Parliament yesterday might be the worst yet.

The UKIP leader and MEP was perhaps the most prominent voice of the Leave campaign in the build-up to the Brexit referendum, and now that he’s got his way he’s been gloating to anyone who will listen.

Yesterday, the controversial figure gave an incendiary speech to the European Parliament – goading his fellow politicians as though he were an English soccer hooligan in a French café.

“17 years ago you all laughed at me, you’re not laughing now,” he taunted. He went on to make the dubious assertion that nobody in the Parliament had done an honest day’s work in their lives.

The internet quickly seized upon this monumental gaffe, noting that the man sat behind him is Vytenis Andriukaitis – a Lithuanian heart surgeon who was deported to Siberia along with his family as a toddler.

His facepalm says it all.