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13th Oct 2018

My neck, my back… People can’t figure out what body part this is

Jade Hayden

Khia would be able to figure it out…

And if you’ve no idea what the above reference is about, we suggest that you take a long, hard look at yourself and also go listen to Khia’s incredible and iconic 2001 track, ‘My Neck, My Back (Lick It).’ 

Also watch the music video while you’re there.

Just ‘cos.

Anyway, all this talk of necks and backs is occurring because there’s a hot new optical illusion floating around the internet this week and people are honestly in bits looking at it.

Without giving much else away, take a look at the below and say what you see.

Back of a woman’s head right? With her neck at the bottom and her legs crossed below?

Has to be, doesn’t it?

No other possible body parts here.

Except there are – and what you think you’re looking at isn’t what you’re looking at at all.

In fact, the photo above is actually of a woman’s back and her long curly hair as it cascades down along it.

We know. Shook.

The image was shared on Twitter this week by user Marty Mula who said that he too thought he was looking at the back of a head.

So did lots of other people too.

Harrowing stuff of a weekend.