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17th Apr 2018

These minimalist iconic Irish film posters are absolutely class

Jade Hayden


Minimalism is all the rage these days.

Everyone’s hopping on the reductive, repetitive artistic bandwagon and why not like?

There’s not a whole going on, it’s very simple, and just generally pretty nice to look at.

While minimalism, as a movement, was most commonly associated with art sculptures and modern architecture, it’s also been cropping up a lot as of late in the print scene.

And, as it turns out, the Irish print scene is no different.

Irish company Homebird recently launched a range of minimalist Irish film posters and they are absolutely class.

Everything from The Snapper to Intermission to The Young Offenders has been given a film poster minimalist makeover and to be honest, it makes us want to basically watch them all again for the 47th time.

The prints start at 12 quid and go up as far as €85 – depending on how much money you’re willing to drop on a poster of brown sauce and a cup of tea.

Here’s some more of our favourites.

The Field


Adam and Paul 

The Butcher Boy

Veronica Guerin 

Sing Street

You can check out the full collection here.