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29th Mar 2016

Lee From Steps Has Revealed Where The Iconic Tragedy Dance Move Actually Comes From

We can totally see it now!

Megan Cassidy

Nineties kids are in a for a surprise.

The iconic Tragedy dance move, that we all perfected as part of our birthday party repertoire, was inspired by another one of our favourite childhood gems – Home Alone.

We know, it’s a lot to take in.

The move, which involves vertical hands on either side of the head, was actually inspired by the Home Alone poster which features a young Macauley Culkin with his hands slapped on either side of his face.


That’s according to former band member Lee Latchford-Evans, who set music website pop justice straight in the comment sections of a post about the moves, as the eagle-eyed folk at Cosmopolitan spotted.

Pop Justice had written:

“The original dance routine for Steps’ Tragedy did not involve the vertical hands we now take for granted. Instead, it consisted of a single hand raised to the forehead with its palm out, in the manner one might associate with a 1940s Hollywood actress attempting to portray grief or a minor headache. How different pop might be now had the dance routine not been revised.”

Pop Justice

However, Lee was having none of it, and commented:

Unfortunately not true, it was actually taken & devised by our choreographer from the ‘Home Alone’ poster”.

Two of our childhood faves collided in such a beautiful way and to think we never knew!