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19th May 2019

Knickers that don’t need to be washed actually exist and it’s just too much

Orlaith Condon

Nah, not here for it.

In recent years, it’s fair to say we’ve all become a lot more eco-friendly but somehow we don’t think we’re ready for these eco-friendly knickers.

Yes, these new knickers claim to be “durable comfortable and odour-killing” and say that they don’t need to be washed, wait for it, for weeks at a time.

The brand Organic Basics have released their news SilverTech 2.0 range that is built on the idea of self-washing pieces that kill 99.9 percent of bacteria.

The brand says that thanks to the new technology in the underwear, people won’t have to wash the underwear as much as traditional knicks and in turn will use less water and save energy.

According to their Kickstarter campaign – which has already raised over €81,000 – the underwear is made of entirely recycled materials and allows you to “move freely without restrictions”.

If like us, you simply cannot fathom how you could possibly feel comfortable in the undies after days in them, the brand assures potential customers that they are “built with advanced ventilation in critical sweat zones” – oh, well that’s a relief!

However, if you do happen to be interested in purchasing the undergarments, you can pick yourself up a four-pack for the sum of €54.