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05th Apr 2019

Jen Hatton’s video has life in Ireland down to a tee and it’s hilarious

Anna Daly

Jen Hatton

Brought to you by Batchelors. 

We all know what it’s like trying to have a private life in Ireland.

Pretty impossible, tbh. You might just about get away with it if you live in a city (maybe) but if you live anywhere where it’s the norm to chat with your neighbours on a daily basis, you can wave goodbye to any chances of privacy. Ever.

Jen Hatton’s new video sums it up pretty exactly.

It starts off with a young lady singing into a can of Batchelors Baked Beans (relatable kitchen routine) when her mum comes in and lets her know that, low and behold, the entire town KNOWS about her.

Knows what? That she’s broken up with her boyfriend and moved back home. And how do they know this? Well, neighbour ‘Carmel’ saw our protagonist walking down the road earlier on and, of course, figured out the entire story just from that single walk (that Carmel is one observant lady). And, sure, you know how it goes from there.

If one person knows, everyone knows.

That’s just the way things are. But Jen Hatton reminds us that it’s not ALL bad.

The mum in the video tells our leading lady that everyone was asking after her. That’s right – the entire town wanted to make sure she was okay after her breakup. Which is pretty nice. You could definitely experience worse things in life than having a whole town looking out for you. Sure, where would we be without our good old (if slightly nosy) hometown keeping us down to earth?

Sure that’s the Irish way after all. And (even though we might complain about it constantly) we wouldn’t change it for the world.

That’s Batchelors opinion too, and at the moment they are celebrating all things Down to Earth (check out their Instagram for more on that and for some deliciously simple recipes). Batchelors are proud of their Irish roots and proud of their down to earth nature since 1935 and they think we should be too.

Brought to you by Batchelors