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21st May 2019

This Italian island will give you a refund if it starts to rain

Olivia Hayes

Can we have this in Ireland please? Because we’d be so rich…

As exciting as it can be to head away on holiday, it can be a complete downer if it starts to rain.

You go away thinking it’ll be all sun, sea and sand but instead you have to stay inside and or go around with soppy sandals.

Not ideal.

However, this Italian island is offering refunds if it rains while you’re staying there, which we have to say would be quite a sweet deal.

The island, called Elba, has a load of hotels doing deals for rain days which means if it pours for more than two hours between the times of 10am and 8pm, you’ll get a refund for the value of one night’s stay. Class.

Its website explains: “Even if rain is rare in Elba in May, a little rain can happen. But at Elba even rain is not a problem! In fact, with the initiative ‘Elba No Rain’, during the month of May, in the case of rain, the overnight stay is not paid!”

The refund offer lasts until the end of May, and will start back up again from September 15 until the end of October. It will be the same next year, beginning May 2020.

We know where we’re planning our next holiday…