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08th May 2017

Irish people sharing the blasphemous things they’ve done is brilliant

Conor Heneghan

Although the blasphemous investigation arising from comments made by Stephen Fry on the RTÉ show Meaning of Life in 2015 has since been dropped, this Twitter thread is well worth a read.

The investigation, in case you hadn’t heard, has come about after a member of the public reported Fry’s comments on the RTÉ show to Gardaí in Ennis, over two years after he made the comments during the show in February 2015.

Ireland, by the way, is the only country in the developed world to have introduced a blasphemy law in the 21st century, although reports suggest that preparatory steps have been taken towards having a referendum with regard to the law in the near future.

Although the tone of the reaction to news that Fry was mainly one of fury and outrage, it did also prompt a rather brilliant thread on Twitter, started by comedian Alison Spittle, about amusing acts of blasphemy committed by Irish people.

If you’re looking for a giggle, you can see some of the best responses to Alison’s original example below and catch the thread in full here; it’s just a pity the investigation itself is far from a laughing matter.