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19th Dec 2017

Ireland’s largest Christmas theme park is here! – and we want to go!

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Brought to you by Winter Funderland.

Adrenaline junkies, Christmas market enthusiasts and all who are in need of some almighty craic – assemble!

Winter Funderland is back! Hurray!

If you’re feeling the festive spirit and would fancy a magical and incredibly entertaining day out, Winter Funderland will be taking over Simmonscourt Pavillion in the RDS, Dublin, until January 14.

With over 40 attractions selected from all over the continent, those in need of a thrill will be in their element. They’ve got the brand-new Exciter ride which compliments the Take-Off, Frisbee, Zero Gravity, The Extreme and The Speed Loop Roller Coaster to name but a few.

Sounds awfully exhilarating alright! – and it is! If you’re not so prepared for being launched off in one of these super exciting rides, don’t worry. The likes of the Ice Jet, and of course the retro carousel caters for absolutely everyone, including the kids.

This time of year you might very well find yourself bringing some younger family members out for an outstanding day. Be sure to get to them to the rides like Bounce World, Dizzy Drivers, and Fun Factory!

There’s also the Magic Vacations rink for kids aged three and over within the white-as-snow iSkate-On-Ice! Ooo!

Sitting on over two and a half acres of fairground (that’s big) – and all under one roof – Winter Funderland boasts the largest outdoor skating rink in Ireland (1,000 square metres) – in the most magical of surroundings. And you don’t have to be a pro – there’s plenty of space to mosey about and find your skating feet.

Within their brand-new Christmas Market, you can grab oodles of specialty foods – think crepes, hot chocolates and mulled wine. (Yummy!)

And don’t forget about those unique crafts and trinkets too! – the ideal place for adorable festive gifts we’d imagine.

Among all the wooden chalets, Winter Funderland possesses a stunning winter atmosphere. Yes, we’ll all be getting major flashbacks of our very own childhood with those glistening coloured lights and rides like Christmas Dumbo. It’s as adorable as it sounds.

So where do we sign up? Well… there’s the POP option – their pay-one-price wristbands for unlimited rides, or the traditional pay-per-ride alternative – keeping it old school.

What’s even better value is if you book your Funderland POP wristbands AND iSkate-On-Ice tickets online. Sure why not? The chances are we’ll all end up in there anyway.

And let’s not forget, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the option of giving this Winter Funderland experience to another – grab a gift voucher for someone special and add even more merriness to the season!

Brought to you by Winter Funderland.