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25th Jul 2017

The internet fell in love with this guy’s adorable gift to his girlfriend

This couldn't get any cuter.
adorable gift


An adorable gift, no matter how small, from your boyfriend/girlfriend/other half/, *insert appropriate phrase here* means so much and this 17-year-old is on a pedestal after this thoughtful gesture.

The guy in question, Justin Evans, has been best friends with Jamie Chaffer for years and a few months ago, they started dating.

As Justin and Justine known each other for so long, they have a lot of memories and pictures together, with Justin deciding that it was time to make a scrapbook for his number one.

Chatting to Buzzfeed, he said:

“The hardest thing about it was keeping it a secret”.

As the couple see each other every day, he had to make the scrapbook at night and described it as a “long process”.

However, the end result was worth the three glue burns, seven marker stains and four paper cuts with Justin saying that there just weren’t enough pages to show Jamie how mad he was about her.

CUTE or what.

Main image via Twitter: Justin Evans