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27th Jun 2016

Home Bitter Home – screenshots reveal a terrifying level of racist events in Britain since Brexit result 

Cassie Delaney

This is absolutely heartbreaking.

More and more immigrants in Britain are reporting incidences of extreme and often violent racism and xenophobia.

Foreign Nationals are reporting more and more occurrences of hate. One Facebook user, Sarah Childs, has gathered all the incidences she has seen on social media and the album makes for grim reading.

The album consists of over 100 photos.

“As these seem like incidents we should all be aware of so I’ve made an album for them” – Sarah Childs

The screenshots depict incidences of people being harassed in the streets, children being targeted in schools and nationals being trolled online.

On twitter the hashtag #PostBrexitRacism also reveals a terrifying new reality for many foreigners living in Britain.

The full album can be seen below

Image via Twitter