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22nd Feb 2018

Women are sharing side-profile selfies to try and break the ‘big nose taboo’

Jade Hayden

Women have started sharing side-profile selfies on social media to embrace their ‘big noses.’

The initiative was started by journalist, Radhika Sanghani, who saw that there was a lack of women with big noses represented in the media and online.

To combat this, she encouraged women to share a #SideProfileSelfie to make their nose the focal point of the photograph.

She also posted her own selfie to try and “break the big nose taboo.”

Sanghani’s campaign was met with much support from other women who also wanted to stop hating their noses “… for not being tiny, little snubs.”

They began replying to the tweet with their own side-profile selfies, detailing why they felt self-conscious about their noses in the past, and how they have come to accept how they look now.

Sanghani also hopes that as well as giving women confidence, the #SideProfileSelfie will lead to some positive change in the fashion and beauty industry too.

Turns out you can indeed break the “big nose taboo” just by sharing a few pics.

Fair play.