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12th Jun 2019

Health expert explains exactly what causes THAT after-sex smell

Just in case you've ever wondered...

Cathy Donohue


Ever notice a smell in the room after having sex?

Some people acknowledge that smell, the one that can linger after sex, others just ignore it…whatever floats your boat really.

Either way, if it’s something you’ve noticed before, you probably want to know what the deal is and we’ll be honest, we were extremely curious about this particular phenomenon.

According to Women’s Health, it’s down to the combination of semen (high PH) mixing with vaginal secretion (low PH).

Sara Gottfried, M.D., spoke to the publication and explained that the combination of a base and an acid creates something entirely different so simply put, the level of the PH after sex can drastically affect the smell.

linger after sex

Another thing that can make a difference to that distinctive smell is the use of a condom.

The rubber can create a unique smell particularly when it’s mixed with sweat and the aforementioned VARYING levels of pH.

So there you have it, mystery solved.

Of course, if you start to notice an off-putting smell on a regular basis, it’s worth visiting your GP in case you’ve picked up a bacterial infection of sorts.

But otherwise, it’s all just down to chemicals and as with most things, there’s a scientific explanation to back things up.