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14th Oct 2017

Ghost of a little girl spotted at this hotel and we are freaked out

Ghost of a little girl

This is CREEPY.

You may have heard of The Stanley Hotel in Colorado before now as it’s the property believed to have inspired Stephen King thriller The Shining.

However, it’s now making headlines for an entirely different reason after one couple shared their photo from a recent ‘spirit tour’ where it’s been suggested that there’s a ghost in the picture.

There’s evidence to back this up too, see below, and if you look closely, you’ll see that there’s a clear outline of a little girl on the staircase.


The realisation only came after The Mausling’s stay at The Stanley when they returned home and looked at the photos and jogged their memories about who was on the tour.

In an email to the Huffington Post, John and his wife Jessica explained:

“At first, we tried to be logical and think we somehow missed her so we asked our kids, their girlfriends and our friend if they remembered seeing a little girl. Nobody did. We do not remember seeing anything on the stairs when we took the picture”.

Oh and case you think there’s some messing going on here, a little photoshop perhaps, an expert says otherwise.

Chatting to the publication, Ben Hansen of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, says that there isn’t any evidence to suggest the photo has been tampered with.

“Assuming that it’s not doctored, it ranks up there as one of the best photos of possible paranormal evidence I’ve seen. If it is faked, I’ve got to hand it to them for their level of detail and creativity because there’s usually enough easy signs to suggest hoaxing”.

Oh and if you’re not creeped out enough already, this isn’t the first time a ghost has been spotted at this exact location either.

The below snap was taken last year and appears to show another ghost-like figure, this time at the top of the staircase.

By golly! I think I may have captured a #ghost at #StanleyHotel. #EstesPark

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That’s enough ghosthunting for one day, let us know what you think of this tale or if you’ve had any similar experience yourself, in the comments below.

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