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27th Mar 2024

Study shows over half of people open to getting with their flatmates

Sarah McKenna Barry

Would you hook up with one of your flatmates?

A new study has revealed that a surprisingly large number of people are willing to pursue a romantic or sexual relationship with their flatmates.

To gauge relationships between housemates, the company AreaVibes surveyed over 900 people for a recent study.

In their research, they found that 57% of women find their male housemates attractive, while 74% of men find their female housemates attractive.

Furthermore, one in three respondents said that they have had a sexual encounter with their co-habitants, while 26% of those surveyed said that they find dating difficult while living with a housemate of the opposite sex.

When it comes to good old-fashioned housemate bonding, the most popular shared activity is to watch TV or movies together, which 82% said they do. 53% said that they hang out with their friends and their housemates together. 49% said that they cook a meal together. 41% dine out with their housemates, 40% listen to music with their housemates and 25% hit the clubs together. Only 3% of respondents said that they don’t spend time with each other.

The survey also shed light on the division of labour among men and women in cohabitating settings.

83% of women said that they wished their male housemates would clean more, while 74% of men wished their female housemates would clean more.

The rooms that housemates felt required more attention were the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room.

74% of women surveyed said that their male housemate takes out the rubbish while 74% of men said that their female housemates wash the dishes.

The survey also gauged how people feel about living with someone of the opposite sex, and for the most part, it seemed it wasn’t an issue.

The majority of people in this living situation said that they would do it again, with many saying that the experience better prepared them for living with their significant other in the future.